IME Skills for Physicians: The Master’s Program

IME Skills for Physicians: The Master’s Program
IME Skills for Physicians: The Master’s Program  7-DVD Set

Presented by: 
James B. Talmage, M.D., FAADEP and Steven Babitsky, Esq.

Executive Summary: Recorded at a live workshop, this is the most advanced training available on Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and is now available as a DVD set. You will learn through lecture, case studies, questions and answers,demonstrations, and interactive learning how to distinguish yourself as independent medical evaluators. Physicians completing these intensive two days of training will raise the level of their IME work product, produce more valuable and defensible reports, and become “go-to” evaluators sought after by insurers, attorneys, brokers,and other clients. Physicians who are serious about improving their IME skills are encouraged to review this advanced IME training. 

What You Will Learn: 
•  History Taking Recommendations for Complex Cases Including Those with Multiple Injuries
•  Formulating and Communicating Defensible Opinions
•  Causation and apportionment in-depth
•  How to effectively use objective medical evidence
•  How and when to use evidence-based medical literature
•  How to effectively use diagnostic testing and explain the results thereof
•  How to write a high quality IME report with bullet-proof opinions
•  Effective use of timelines, tables, and charts in your reports
•  Mechanism of injury
•  Disability and Fitness for Duty
•  How and when to use disability guidelines
•  How to confidently deal with questions on ability to return to work, work capacity, and restrictions
•  How to obtain and perform fitness for duty exams
•  How to defend return to work opinions
•  How to Effectively Deal with Attacks by Counsel during Cross-Examination