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Les Kertay
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About Les Kertay


A bona-fide nerd who believes that performance comes from the power of presence, and that the path from "yeah-sure" to "hell-yeah!" starts with showing up in life, in relationships, and in work.

Owner and president of Dr. Les Kertay & Associates, LLC. He also currently works as a medical director for a large private disability carrier. His work is focused on improving individual and corporate health, well-being, and work performance.

Les has over 40 years’ experience in health and human services, including 15 years in executive leadership positions in the group insurance industry, with a focus on absence management. He is a licensed and board certified clinical psychologist with expertise in the arena of mind-body health including disability medicine, chronic pain, and health behaviors. He is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences on topics related to the psychological aspects of work and disability, practical approaches to managing psychosocial issues in medical practice, pain management, somatoform and personality disorders, and professional ethics. In addition to other publications he is a contributor to three books on the psychosocial aspects of complex disability claims, and is lead editor for the AMA Guides to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems.

Personally, he’s a husband, dad, psychologist, and general geek. He lives in a magical house with his beloved wife, 6 children, 4 dogs, 4 cats, and all variety of fosters. He calls it Chez Chaos; it's an acquired taste but it's full of life and love and excitement.

You can learn more about him at DrLesKertay.com, or follow him on Facebook at dr.les.kertay or Twitter @drleskertay.

Les Kertay's Specialties

mental health and workplace productivity,clinical psychology,public speaking,rabble rousing

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