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§ 1063.70 Article 14.26. Workers' Compensation Bond Fund

The California Insurance Guarantee Association is authorized to pay and discharge certain claims of insolvent insurers as defined in Section 1063.1 through the collection of premiums from its members, which amounts are limited by law and take time to assess and collect. This article provides for the ability of CIGA to request the issuance of bonds by the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank pursuant to Article 8 (commencing with Section 63049.6) of Chapter 2 of Division 1 of Title 6.7 of the Government Code to more expeditiously and effectively provide for the payment of covered claims that arise as a result of the insolvencies of insurance companies providing workers' compensation insurance. The bonds are to be paid from the special bond assessments assessed by CIGA for those purposes and the other funds provided pursuant to Section 1063.74. Special bond assessments to repay bonds issued for payment of workers compensation benefits shall be assessed, to the extent necessary, for the claims category. It is a public purpose and in the best interest of the public health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of this state to provide for the issuance of bonds to pay claimants and policyholders having covered claims against insolvent insurers operating in this state.

Added by Stats 2003, Chap 635 (effective 1/1/04)