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§ 5811 Limitation on fees; allowance of costs

(a) No fees shall be charged by the clerk of any court for the performance of any official service required by this division, except for the docketing of awards as judgments and for certified copies of transcripts thereof. In all proceedings under this division before the appeals board, costs as between the parties may be allowed by the appeals board.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of any party producing a witness requiring an interpreter to arrange for the presence of a qualified interpreter. A qualified interpreter is a language interpreter who is certified, or deemed certified, pursuant to Section 11513 or 68566 of the Government Code.

Interpreter fees which are reasonably, actually, and necessarily incurred shall be allowed as cost under this section, provided they are in accordance with the fee schedule set by the administrative director. A qualified interpreter may render services during the following: (1) A deposition. (2) An appeals board hearing. (3) During those settings which the administrative director determines are reasonably necessary to ascertain the validity or extent of injury to an employee who cannot communicate in English.

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