Florida Regulations 6A-22.0031

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§ 6A-22.0031 Reemployment Assessments

(1)Reemployment assessments shall include documentation of the following:

(a)From the injured employee: 1.Discussion of the injured employee =s understanding of their injury,treatment and prognosis, 2.Description of the injured employees job duties,including physical demands, 3.Discussion about accommodations that might allow the injured employee to return to work, 4.The injured employee's work history, 5.Factors that would impede the injured employee =s ability to return to work,and 6.Results of any vocational,interest,academic,psychological or other testing if conducted with the injured employee. (b)From the employer: 1.Discussion of the injured employee =s job of injury,including a job description with the essential functions and physical demands of the job, 2.Discussion about the ability to return the injured employee to work in either the same job,modified job, or different job,and 3.Discussion of possible accommodations that could allow the injured employee to return to work in either the same job,modified job or different job. (c)From the Health Care Provider(s): 1.Discussion of the injured employee's diagnosis and prognosis, 2.Discussion of factors that could enhance or impede the healing process, 3.Anticipated release to return-to-work date and anticipated physical limitations,and 4.Anticipated Maximum Medical Improvement date and anticipated permanent physical imitations. Specific Authority 440.491(7)(e)F.S.Law Implemented 440.491 F.S.History � New 5--5-2004.