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§ 263.12.059 Appeals arising under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act -- Notice to interested employees.

In the case of any appeal by an employer concerning an alleged violation of the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act, the employer shall give notice of such appeal to its employees by either: (1) Providing copies of the appeal to each employee member of the employer's safety committee; or (2) by posting a copy of the appeal in a conspicuous place at the work site at which the alleged violation occurred. Any posting shall remain during the pendency of the appeal.

The employer shall also provide notice advising interested employees that an appeal has been filed with the board and that any employee or group of employees who wish to participate in the appeal may do so by contacting the board. Such notice shall include the address of the board.

The employer shall file with the board a certificate of proof of compliance with this section within fourteen days of receipt of the board's notice acknowledging receipt of the appeal. If notice as required by this section is not possible the employer shall advise the board or its designee of the reasons why notice cannot be accomplished. If the board, or its designee, accepts the impossibility of the required notice it will prescribe the terms and conditions of a substitute notice procedure reasonably calculated to give notice to affected employees.

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