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§ 69L-26.004 Requesting Assistance.

(1) An injured worker or any other party to a dispute involving a workers' compensation issue shall contact and request assistance from the EAO, and make a good faith effort to participate in the informal dispute resolution proceedings of the EAO, before filing a petition for a hearing before a JCC regarding the disputed issue(s).

(2) A request for assistance shall be accepted by the EAO and shall constitute contact with the EAO only if the request for assistance is submitted on a completed Request for Assistance Form (EAO-1) and is otherwise in accordance with these rules.

(3) The EAO shall, if requested to do so by an injured worker, or his or her legal guardian if the injured worker is a minor or is incompetent, or the personal representative of a deceased injured worker, or a health care provider that has provided authorized treatment to an injured worker when an employer or carrier fails or refuses to pay for the authorized treatment, complete a Request for Assistance form (EAO-1) for or on behalf of the party so requesting.

(4) An attorney representing an injured worker may submit a Request for Assistance form (EAO-1) on behalf of his or her client. An attorney wishing to file a Request for Assistance on behalf of another shall sign the form as the requestor on behalf of the client and mail or hand deliver the completed Request for Assistance form to the EAO at the address and during the business hours specified herein.

(5) Faxed copies of a Request for Assistance form (EAO-1) shall not be accepted by the EAO.

Specific Authority 440.591 FS. Law Implemented 440.191 FS. History-New 9-29-94, Amended 11-25-96, Formerly 38F-26.004, 4L-26.004.