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§ Removal of physicians from lists of those authorized to render medical care or to conduct independent medical examinations

1. The medical society of the county in which the physician's office is located at the time or a board designated by such county society or a board representing duly licensed physicians of any other school of medical practice in such county shall investigate, hear and make findings with respect to all charges as to professional or other misconduct of any authorized physician as herein provided under rules and procedure to be prescribed by the medical appeals unit, and shall report evidence of such misconduct, with their findings and recommendation with respect thereto, to the chair. Failure to commence such investigation within sixty days from the date the charges are referred to the society by the chair or submit findings and recommendations relating to the charges within one hundred eighty days from the date the charges are referred shall empower the chair to appoint, as a hearing officer, a member of the board, employee, or other qualified hearing officer to hear and report on the charges to the chair. A qualified hearing officer, who is neither a member of the board, or employee thereof shall be paid at a reasonable per diem rate to be fixed by the chair.

Such investigation, hearing, findings, recommendation and report may be made by the society or board of an adjoining county upon the request of the medical society of the county in which the alleged misconduct or infraction of this chapter occurred, subject to the time limit and conditions set forth herein. The medical appeals unit shall review the findings and recommendation of such medical society or board, or hearing officer appointed by the chair upon application of the accused physician and may reopen the matter and receive further evidence. The findings, decision and recommendation of such society, board or hearing officer appointed by the chair or medical appeals unit shall be advisory to the chair only, and shall not be binding or conclusive upon him or her.

2. The chair shall remove from the list of physicians authorized to render medical care under this chapter, or to conduct independent medical examinations in accordance with paragraph (b) of subdivision 4 of section 13-a of this article, the name of any physician who he or she shall find after reasonable investigation is disqualified because such physician:

(a) has been guilty of professional or other misconduct or incompetency in connection with medical services rendered under this chapter; or

(b) has exceeded the limits of his or her professional competence in rendering medical care or in conducting independent medical examinations under this chapter, or has made materially false statements regarding his or her qualifications in his or her application for the recommendation of the medical society or board as provided in section 13-b of this article; or

(c) has failed to transmit copies of medical reports to claimant's attorney or licensed representative as provided in subdivision (f) of section 13 of this article; or has failed to submit full and truthful medical reports of all his or her findings to the employer, and directly to the chair or the board within the time limits provided in subdivision 4 of section 13-a of this article with the exception of injuries which do not require (1) more than ordinary first aid or more than two treatments by a physician or person rendering first aid, or (2) loss of time from regular duties of one day beyond the working day or shift; or

(d) knowingly made a false statement or representation as to a material fact in any medical report made pursuant to this chapter or in testifying or otherwise providing information for the purposes of this chapter; or

(e) has solicited, or has employed another to solicit for himself or herself or for another, professional treatment, examination or care of an injured employee in connection with any claim under this chapter; or

(f) has refused to appear before, to testify, to submit to a deposition, or to answer upon request of, the chair, board, medical appeals unit or any duly authorized officer of the state, any legal question, or to produce any relevant book or paper concerning his or her conduct under any authorization granted to him or her under this chapter; or

(g) has directly or indirectly requested, received or participated in the division, transference, assignment, rebating, splitting or refunding of a fee for, or has directly or indirectly requested, received or profited by means of a credit or other valuable consideration as a commission, discount or gratuity in connection with the furnishing of medical or surgical care, an independent medical examination, diagnosis or treatment or service, including X-ray examination and treatment, or for or in connection with the sale, rental, supplying or furnishing of clinical laboratory services or supplies, X-ray laboratory services or supplies, inhalation therapy service or equipment, ambulance service, hospital or medical supplies, physiotherapy or other therapeutic service or equipment, artificial limbs, teeth or eyes, orthopedic or surgical appliances or supplies, optical appliances, supplies or equipment, devices for aid of hearing, drugs, medication or medical supplies, or any other goods, services or supplies prescribed for medical diagnosis, care or treatment, under this chapter; except that reasonable payment, not exceeding the technical component fee permitted in the medical fee schedule, established under this chapter for X-ray examinations, diagnosis or treatment, may be made by a physician duly authorized as a roentgenologist to any hospital furnishing facilities and equipment for such examination, diagnosis or treatment, provided such hospital does not also submit a charge for the same services. Nothing contained in this paragraph shall prohibit such physicians who practice as partners, in groups or as a professional corporation or as a university faculty practice corporation from pooling fees and moneys received, either by the partnership, professional corporation, university faculty practice corporation or group by the individual members thereof, for professional services furnished by any individual professional member, or employee of such partnership, corporation or group, nor shall the professionals constituting the partnerships, corporations, or groups be prohibited from sharing, dividing or apportioning the fees and moneys received by them or by the partnership, corporation or group in accordance with a partnership or other agreement.

3. Any person who violates or attempts to violate, and any person who aids another to violate or attempts to induce him to violate the provisions of paragraph (g) of subdivision 2 of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

4. Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting in any respect the power or duty of the chairman to investigate instances of misconduct, either before or after investigation by a medical society or board as herein provided, or to temporarily suspend the authorization of any physician that he may believe to be guilty of such misconduct.