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§ 296-20-340 How does a contractor appeal a notice of infraction?

WAC 296-200A-340

(1) Under RCW 18.27.250 a contractor may appeal a notice of infraction by:

(a) Filing the notice of appeal with the department within thirty calendar days of service of the infraction on-site or within thirty calendar days of the postmark date of the infraction served through the mail, whichever is earlier; and

(b) Stating the basis for the appeal of the infraction in their written request; and

(c) Including a certified check or money order in the amount of two hundred dollars as a bond on the appeal.

(2) Each notice of infraction required a separate two hundred dollar appeal bond.

(3) These time frames apply to the issuance of the infraction for all violations of chapter 18.27 RCW.

If the thirtieth calendar day falls on a holiday or weekend, receipt will be accepted up to the next business day.

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