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Commenters Want DWC to Act Fast to Raise Copy Service Fees

  • State: California
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State workers’ compensation officials should raise the maximum copy services fee by $30 and th…

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Daniel Lopez Oct 12, 2020 a 8:10 am PDT

The copy service fee schedule is not about a random increase of allowable fees by $30 dollars. It is about trying to regulate ABUSE and FRAUD within an industry relied on by both sides to support their positions. It fails to properly address laws and regulations that do not meet the current standards and unregulated third-party ROI companies that border on Anti-Trust and Restraint of Trade issues transferring a financial burden on the backs of service providers and employers. Third-Party ROI companies expect employers to willfully accept excessive charges as a pass-through which may work for one side of the spectrum but once again falls on the backs of the service providers as payments are often shorted or denied even after approval is secured. The other side of the spectrum is not afforded any type of pass-through and is expected to burden the cost or they may not be able to fulfill the request. The allowable fees both current and proposed are inadequate as often these service provider ends up a net-zero or at a loss. The increase is based on the States Average Weekly Wage Increase or SAWW increase. This increase would have or should have put the Copy Service Fee Schedule for 2020 at $227.22 and beginning 2021 the Copy Service Fee Schedule starting January 1st should be around $234.00 based on a 3% SAWW increase. As a conservative employer and a service provider of discovery issues for more than 33 years; I do consider myself an expert in this area and believe liberal discovery is critical to properly administer and adjudicate a work injury claim.

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