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DA Reports Half of Companies Visited Not in Compliance With Comp, Licensing Requirements

  • State: California
  • Topic: WEST
  • - Average time spent on item: 14 minutes
  • - Popular with: Legal
The Tulare County District Attorney’s Office announced that a recent compliance check of local…

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Mar 22, 2018 a 7:14 am PDT

It would be nice if California addressed "why" these companies don't carry WC coverage. And it's not because they want to be uninsured. Instead, the state will continue to increase the minimum wage and taxes, and continue to run stings on these small businesses which can't afford the ridiculously overpriced insurance in this state.

John Dunn Mar 22, 2018 a 10:03 am PDT

We could have National Health Insurance the way they do in Britain. Back in 1994 (during Clinton's health insurance legislation) Judge Cohen in STK was saying that if we had that all of us comp lawyers would be out of a job. I was in Britain in Feb and tried to explain the ACA to my friends and it didn't make sense to them. England's a rich country with a lot of rich people and their politics are all about which party will put more resources into the NHS. BTW, I'm not going to read any replies

J anon Mar 22, 2018 a 8:03 am PDT

All DA offices should go after the high impact crimes they already know about. I don't think that Zenith and Berkshire employees hacking private networks was "in compliance". Insurers bribing govt officials with cushy retirement jobs is also "not in compliance". How about those same insurers aligning with providers to distribute narcotics illegally while embezzling money from the comp system? Also not "in compliance". Unfortunately the DA offices all receive their funding for WC investigations from the Fraud Assessment Committee which is basically Zenith Insurance. Massive conflict of interest and the biggest reason why the small businesses in the article can't afford the over priced comp coverage in CA.

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