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Even as Fraud Tech Improves, Double Dippers Not Laying Off Social Media

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Claimants who try to collect benefits while working have shown no inclination to cut back on social …

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Diane Sagerian Oct 10, 2019 a 6:10 am PDT

Many WC “fraudsters” are emboldened by law firms promising “get rich quick” schemes. Some even advertise on TV. And/or a friend or family members relate their story of a successful WC fraud and refer to same law firm.

“Teti estimated that about 20% of claims DigiStream investigates are now put through digital forensics examinations.”

This percentage needs to be increased considerably, to at least 50+%, so that the “fraudsters” get the message that their scheme will not result in them “getting rich quick” (for most of the demographic involved, over $2500.00 is considered rich) but in fact might result in jail time.

The only ones truly getting rich are the law firms that perpetuate this fraud, and it results in increasing insurance premiums for consumers.

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