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Worker Advocates Critical of Suggestion to Exempt Modifications from IMR

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Advocates for injured workers said a recommendation by the California Workers’ Compensation In…

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Steven Chandler Nov 25, 2019 a 8:11 am PST

Regarding Gurvey's comments about the doctor's best interests, he seems to forget and/or significantly discount the fact that MTUS, ACOEM, ODG and other guidelines are based on research and peer review - not one physician. Sure, I get the benefits of a physical exam to persuade an opinion but really, why can't this be better documented with a discussion as to why this patient doesn't fit into the norm?

As for Young, his reference to doctor-sanctioned care assumes no of us remember the time when the physician was presumed to be correct. This was a boon to applicant attorneys as costs skyrocketed, injuries enveloped other pre-existing, disability was through the roof, TTD was almost endless; businesses closed and left CA; and, of course, attorneys collected the highest in fees ever. Ya that worked out well. I'm curious why the writer chose not to include the opinion of a defense attorney in the story considering she used multiple applicant attorneys.

John Don Nov 25, 2019 a 9:11 am PST

Instead of 60 tablets - you only need 5 & there's nothing you can do to rebutt this?

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