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Expert Panel Sees Opportunity for WC to Lead Health Care with Value-Based Reimbursement

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When workers’ compensation professionals speak about health care, it’s often in the vein…

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Garry Crosby Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

interesting to note that all non medicals deciding medical treatment. and talk abt vested interest!!!!! ins company exec who earn in millions directing medical treatment which is right now below medical standards in the country.and discussing ways to deny treatments and payments to providers. Work comp care is different from reg medicine as the LAW dictates all issues and more work is needed to deliver the same level of care to an IW.

Glenn Hakanson MD Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

1) IMHO the more they emphasize, "controlling how they (doctors) treat their patients," the more doctors leave the WC system.
2) In California, post SB 863, "collaborating and communicating" with other doctors is discouraged since consulting and reviewing records is NOT paid for.
3) It is also difficult to get reimbursed for telemedicine with patients, let alone other doctors in California.


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