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Legislation Seeks to Head off DWC Effort to Remove Neuropsychology QMEs

  • State: California
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  • - Popular with: Legal
Two California medical organizations co-sponsored a bill introduced last week that aims to remo…

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Apr 27, 2015 a 11:04 am PDT

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Beth Harville Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

If they want to get rid of a specialty between psychology and neuropsychology, we would be much better off if they drop psychology. Neuropsych has a specific and needed focus that cannot usually be obtained using another specialty, unlike psychology which is effectively overlapped by psychiatry.

Marjorie Cohn, Ph.D. QME Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

I could see your point at first glance but psychiatrists and psychologists have, with a few exceptions, different types of training. Being MDs, psychiatrists are better versed in psychopharmacology and medication management and in a better position to opine on medication issues. Psychologists, on the other hand, are much better versed in psychological testing. In looking at psychiatric residency curricula of several institutions, I was unable to find any coursework on psych testing. Many Ph.D. programs have multiple semesters of testing and assessment. Plus these days as you know, many psychiatrists focus on medication whereas psychologists are engaged in the therapeutic process itself. I agree with you that neuropsychology is needed.

Mullen & Filippi San Jos Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

So, let me get this straight: they propose eliminating neuropsychology as a QME specialty but do not address acupuncture as a QME specialty?
Lest we forget, acupuncturists are not permitted, under Labor Code Section 3209.3 (e), from determining disability.
So since QMEs are not to determine specific future medical treatment, nor can the acupuncturist address disability, what is the reason they're allowed to do QME evaluations, other than as money making opportunities? Douglas Adams surely would have put them on the same spaceship as the telephone sanitizers, advertising executives, hairstylists, and, alas, lawyers....

Cheryl Chicaul-Sanchez Nov 3, 2016 a 2:58 pm PDT

Somebody once said people who appreciate good public policy and fine sausage should never watch either one being made.

Anonymous Nov 21, 2016 a 6:49 pm PST

I would like to know where to send letters to support AB1542. Is the Assembly Insurance Committee voting on this next?


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