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Senators' Single-Payer Proposal Includes Comp Implications

  • State: California
  • Topic: Top
  • - Popular with: Legal
A bill that would create a single-payer health care system in California — potentially in…

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Elizabeth Howe May 24, 2017 a 6:05 pm PDT

Want to do away with the entire thing?

Ten years ago, I predicted [if you wanted to be extreme] that if you do a single payer for the medical, ship all TTD to EDD (as with Australia), and any indemnity over six months gets picked up by SSA (Good luck on that one, but that's where it would have to go).

Fine, you've now done away with WC jobs for doctors, DEM, nurses, insurance companies (and their personnel) attorneys, and put us all into retirement/unemployment, and depressed the economy even further.

Can't wait to see what the voters (who are also the workers you've just kicked out, and now have no income) would do if you actually implemented this idea.

Dr May 24, 2017 a 6:05 pm PDT

In its present form, SB 562 gives special governance to registered nurses as long as they're part of a labor union while at the same time denying governance to physicians and surgeons who are lumped in with "medical providers" generally. Take a look at The Weinmann Reports from 4/17/17 and 5/20/17 that address the need for an amendment about "governance." In addition, an immediate provision should be the obliteration of Utilization Review by physicians and nurses not licensed in California. In its present form the bill seems to increase access to care while subtly discriminating against physicians and surgeons by lumping them in with other "medical providers." This oversight bodes ill for successful application of the alleged intent of SB 562. -- Robert L. Weinmann, MD, Editor, The Weinmann Report,

John Martin May 24, 2017 a 7:05 pm PDT

How is it that with demonstrable budget overruns on virtually every government program, anyone would believe that the actual cost of this proposed gargantuan sized program would be contained at the stated figure which, itself, would be hundreds of billions more than the entire current State budget of around 160 billion dollars. Our legislature is riddled with people who have, in my opinion no real grasp of reality. The taxes suggested would finally trigger this State's rapid descent down the drain! What a shame. John C. Martin.


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