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Docs Will Need ACOEM License for Updated Guidelines, Formulary

  • State: California
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  • - Popular with: Legal
California providers must purchase a license from Reed Group to use its treatment guidelines after t…

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Anne Bazel Sep 14, 2017 a 8:09 am PDT

If the State wants providers to practice by cookbook, the cookbook needs to be available without a charge.

kurt flanagan Sep 14, 2017 a 8:09 am PDT

I agree.

Robert Min Sep 14, 2017 a 9:09 am PDT


GARY BRAZINA Sep 14, 2017 a 10:09 am PDT

Typical bureaucratic BS. The ACOEM guidelines are antiquated. We are to use information that is over 10years old!!!

Yet we are to, by edict, support a society and a business that has NOT been represented adequately by Specialty Societies such as AAOS or ABOS.

We are to use a reference that has not kept up with changes. Why not use ODG at least their references are more up to date.

Sep 14, 2017 a 2:09 pm PDT


Dr Sep 14, 2017 a 2:09 pm PDT

Notice that the issue has been transformed from whether or not a diagnostic test or treatment is medically indicated to whether or not the physician paid the Reed Group for the purchase of a license that neither the clinician nor the patient needs. The matter should be challenged in the legislature or in courts, preferably both. -- Robert L. Weinmann, MD, Editor, The Weinmann Report (www.politicsofhealthcare.com)

Charles Kennedy Sep 16, 2017 a 4:09 am PDT

Why are the Designated Doctors in Texas who. Only use this guide for Return To Work required to pay much more when the ODG which is required for everything else and has an excellent RTW section.
Charles W Kennedy Jr MD Orthopaedic Surgeon

Robert Rassp Sep 16, 2017 a 10:09 am PDT

I already paid my $535.00 for my on line subscription to ODG and now I have to pay up to $675.00 for ACOEM Guidelines. Remember, these guidelines are rebuttable so in order to rebut them I need to subscribe to them. I am not a physician, I am an attorney who believes in patient-centered treatment and not cherry picked research-based guidelines. I don't think occupational medicine should be recognized as a medical specialty - it is like a company's HR department - to prevent employers from being sued by its employees.

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