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Langham: Adding Tools to the Set

  • State: Florida

The time draws nigh for my favorite continuing education opportunity of the year. 

Judge David Langham

Judge David Langham

The Office of Judges of Compensation Claims has been producing a free program at the 1st District Court of Appeal. We have been producing it for a decade, and it is a great success every year. There was that one tough year in 2021 when we went digital in deference to the virus. That was not easy, and regathering in person in 2022 was a great reward for our perseverance. 

We have had some great moments over the years. Who can forget Mr. Porcher's mathematics lesson on permutations? Or Judge Lazzara and his witty moderating? Does anyone remember the judge who responded to every question with a question? There have been some great times, collegiality and interaction. We have seen dozens of judges, outstanding attorneys and mediators, and we have had the benefit of in-person collegiality and communication. The programs have been an unmitigated success.  

We will be back again from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 24 for "Sharpening and Adding to the Tools in your Trial Toolbox 2023." The full details of the program are listed on the OJCC announcement blog.  

The program in 2023 is a path through the litigation forest. It will bring you from the initial challenges of the pre-petition through the overarching challenges of professionalism. In between, there is valuable advice on discovery, mediation, pretrial, trial and appeals. This program is a "soup to nuts" complement of all that is workers' compensation litigation in the Sunshine State.

The program this year has been planned and executed by Judge Moneyham, but with ample help. Other moderators include Judge Arthur, Judge Kerr, Judge Walker and Judge Hedler. The panels are geographically diverse, with lawyers and mediators from Pensacola to Jacksonville to Miami. It is a tremendously dynamic group bringing multiple backgrounds, perspectives and personalities.

This will be a great opportunity to know the practice and the professionals better. Many people practice workers' compensation in Florida, but a select few do so well. Some of them are presenting at this program and others will be in attendance. Will you?

It is a "must-see," and it is free. And stick around after the final presentation for a reception. But spots are filling rapidly, with 94 already registered. Space is limited, so download this image and return to register.

David Langham is deputy chief judge of the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims. This column is reprinted, with his permission, from his Florida Workers' Comp Adjudication blog.

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