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EDEX is not DEAD! Click here to read what the DWC website has to say.

The State of California, Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) Electronic Data Exchange (EDEX) system provides subscribers the ability to query the DWC database of all litigated workers' compensation cases and receive hearing notices or other case event information as events occur. EDEX processing occurs five times per day (except weekends) at 8:00am, 10:00am, 2:30pm, 4:00pm and 8:30pm. Hearing and Event Notices are updated every night. All transactions are batched, then sent en-masse to DWC for processing, then returned en masse.

You will get an e-mail notification from our system when results have been returned by DWC. You will then be able to log in to the WorkCompCentral website to view your transaction records.

Electronic Inquiries. Use either a WCAB case number, a claimant's Social Security Number or a EAMS Reference number to access the following information: all WCAB case numbers, WCAB venue, Gender, Date of birth, Date of injury, Type of injury, Part of body injured, Five most recent case events, Case status, Official party list (including lien claimants if desired). It is strongly recommended you use SSN versus Case number for optimal results since an SSN will return ALL cases associated with that number, but if you use a WCAB number you will get information ONLY on that WCAB case.

Auto-track WCAB Pre-Filing Notices. Auto-track feature lets you put a social security number "in residency" on the DWC database. When an Application for Adjudication of Claim is filed with the DWC matching the SSN you entered, you will automatically receive notice of the filing, along with the names and addresses of all parties listed on the Application, as well as other important key case information.

Electronic Form Filing. While EAMS(Electronic Adjudication Management System) did away with electronic lien filing DWC Direct provides electronic form filing. We have started off with electronic filing of liens through the OCR document process, have expanded to direct filing into EAMS with electronic e-form lien filing, and are expanding that service to include many of the other forms required by the DWC and the WCAB to process your workers' compensation claims. Click here for more information.

Receive Case and Hearing Event Notices. The WCAB case events include 56 different significant case activities tracked by the WCAB. These events are recorded in the WCAB database by the WCAB staff as they occur. (e.g. Declaration of Readiness filed; Order Approving Compromise and Release issued; Petition for Reconsideration filed, etc.). In order to receive these various notices you must first file a "case watch," (this is the term that EDEX uses)

Contact Workcompcentral for any questions or assistance in becoming an EDEX subscriber.

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